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You have to do the data venture by yourself. You have the accountability to leverage your data and create value. We know that. But you don’t have to go the path alone. Mindfuel humans are by your side, whenever you need them.

DPM Studio

Meet #mindfuel humans - your companions on your data venture

The humans in our Mindfuel studio are experts in Data Product Management. They provide wisdom to help you master your data venture.

Your Challenge: You’re on your data venture by yourself - it can get lonely and feelings of ambiguity can sneak in
The Problem: Your organization holds you accountable - they expect you to deliver value but you don’t always know the right path to take
Your Solution: Mindfuelers - the humans in our DPM Studio that help you take on the challenges so you’re not alone. There for you whenever you need them

By yourself but not alone

Being the person between business and data teams is a challenging and often solitary task. The expectations on your shoulders can weigh you down. But step into our DPM studio, talk to our data experts, and feel that weight lift off your shoulders.

The Mindfuelers in the DPM Studio are your guiding light to help you navigate your daily data product management tasks. They do that in 4 major areas.

We help you strategize

Want to build proper data strategies that follow your ethical principles? That can require a lot of energy when done right. But our data product strategists know how to lever strategy the right way. They care about helping you no matter what leg of the data venture you’re on…

  • Facing a minimum viable data strategy? We got you

  • Need help creating a new data product strategy? That’s our specialty

  • Want to transform your data hub to a data mesh organization? Say no more

We strategize #mindfuelly with you for the best possible outcomes

We’re Enablers

Yes, strategies are important. But the best strategies in the world are worthless if they aren’t executed the right way. Our data transformation specialists know what your data teams need for successful data execution.

  • They know how to guide them along the data venture you envision

  • They enable them through a powerful balance between data product management success and human happiness

We enable data teams #mindfuelly so you reach your goals

We co-create with you

Are you or your team lacking expertise in certain areas? Hiring new talent can be time-consuming and expensive. Take a breath… We’ve got you covered. Our data product managers are by your side to fill in the expertise and talent gaps you have.

  • Need help creating new data products? We work with you to co-create them

  • Falling behind on data product management tasks? We help bring your team task up to date

  • Feel like your head’s underwater with all your tasks, plus training new starters? That’s a lot! We can bring your new data product managers up to speed so you can focus on creating

We co-create #mindfuelly so you get results faster

We engineer scalable solutions

Data product management setup for long-term success requires technical expertise for data architectures and data platforms. Do you need guidance with scaling your data venture? No problem. Our data product engineers help you design scalable data environments and ensure nobody is left behind when expanding your system. We engineer #mindfuelly to maximize your growth potential

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DPM Framework

One Data Product Framework to rule them all

Over 10,000 hours went into research for our unique Data Product Management Framework

Your Challenge: You’re on a data venture, success feels so far away, and you’re not even sure if what you’re working on is the right way to go
The Problem: You can’t just build scalable data capabilities out of the box - it won’t bring the results everybody in your organization is expecting you to deliver
Your Solution: The Mindfuel Framework for Data Product Management - a collection of all our knowledge and wisdom from hours of research and testing

The best of two worlds

We know that every data venture is unique. So we don't provide a framework to build data product management like everyone else. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kinda thing.

The Mindfuel framework brings the world of data and product management together cohesively. And it provides easy-to-follow strategies and processes to make YOUR data venture successful in 4 chapters.

Chapter 1: Entering the world of data

Everything looks so different. The world of data is exceptionally unique and continues to morph and evolve every day. For years it has strived to adapt best practices from other domains such as SCRUM or DevOps. But as you enter this real data world, you can see the core of it remains the CRISP-DM approach. An approach that needs to be broken up to facilitate the transformation from a project mindset to a product mindset. The Mindfuel Data Product Management Framework shows you exactly how to tackle this mindset shift the second you step into the world of data.

Chapter 2: Navigating the World of Product Management

Now you’ve conquered the world of data, it’s time to set sail on the open seas to the world of product management. When you arrive you’ll be met by a land rich in methodologies, tools, tips, and tricks. The greatest product teams in the world successfully demonstrate how to put the customer first. They de-risk innovation with continuous discovery and delivery. So put on your explorer hat and follow the Mindfuel framework to leverage this concept specifically for your data products.

Chapter 3: Mastering the art of scaling

As long as you work all together in one team, So far your data empire is built only at the foot of the mountain. It’s time to look upward and reach for the stars. Building your data product management village was easy. You all worked together in one team. Communication stayed in the same room. Ad-hoc aligning on dependencies was frictionless. And you all had clarity on the goals along the way. But building a data empire that towers above all, gleaming from atop the mountain, is a completely different beast.

How do you deal with these same challenges when scaling your data teams out? The Mindfuel framework presents heavily-tested best practices for scaling your teams. How heavily tested and reliable is this approach? Well, over 10,000 hours went into creating it and we use our Mindfuel framework for scaling our organization - you can see where that’s taken us!

Chapter 4: Discovering the operating model you need

Wow, what a venture this has been…

You’ve conquered the data world, navigated the product management world, and mastered the art of scaling. There’s just one more piece of the puzzle left - your operating model to keep your data empire running smoothly. The best methodologies and practices won’t help if your operating model isn’t facilitating them. At this stage of your data venture, it’s crucial to understand and learn how to build scalable operating models for your organization. The Mindfuel framework illustrates several operating models for different maturity levels so it’s easy to find the operating model for your needs.

Get the Data Product Management Framework that’ll bring the results everybody in your organization is expecting you to deliver. Phew… that’s a load off your shoulders.

With great wisdom comes great power to grow and scale

DPM Software

The solution data leaders use to monitor data products from conception to completion and create business value.

The future of Data Product Management

Mindfuel is a team of wisdom-seeking humans coming from all domains. You're a data leader on a mission to get the most of your company's data. We're here for you.

On eye level. Better together!

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