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Supercharge your data initiatives with the Data Product Management framework. Embed it within your organization, navigate your data landscape with newfound clarity, and fuel your business growth like never before.

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facing next?

Demonstrating measurable value from data is no easy task. We are the right people to turn your data aspirations into data products, unveiling your competitive advantage and mastering data value creation at scale.

Looking to amplify your business impact? Adopt the Data Product Management method to revolutionize how you steer your data products, and uncover untapped value.

What data challenge do you face at the moment?

Data Product Management upgrades your workflow,

no matter your data organization's current stage

I'm trying to build a

Data Strategy for efficient Execution

Just starting to consider your data & AI strategy? Let us guide you in crafting an innovative strategy, incorporating cutting-edge data products and organizational concepts, all while staying ahead with the latest trends from the data & AI realm.

I'm trying to transform

Data Projects to Data Products

Familiar with the potential of data products to drive business results, but need a guiding hand to transition from data projects to data products? We bring the product mindset into your data initiatives.

I'm trying to decentralize a

Data Hub to a Hub of Hubs

Your data hub works great. But the demand for data products is growing exponentially? Now it's time to tackle the art of high-speed data scaling on your data venture.

I'm trying to move from

Data Hub to Data Mesh

Your data hub works great, and you're ready to reap the benefits of aligning data capabilities more closely with your business. Ready to decentralize it all and build a data mesh?

Human-enabled Software

that streamlines your

data value creation

Mindfuel empowers you to master your data venture challenges and visualize exactly how data can help your business grow. We guide you in creating efficient data product management practices so you can generate value from data at scale.

How do we do it?

With this inspirational formula…

Software + Great Humans = Reduced Complexity on your Venture to Success

The Human Touch in our DPM Studio

Meet our Data Product Experts

They're your guiding light to help you navigate your daily data product management tasks and your mindset

The DPM Framework for success
The Framework to drive change

Our Data Product Framework offers clarity, wisdom, and knowledge to enable you and your team to master your data venture

The Software that helps you scale

Scale with our Data Product Management Software

Delight is the solution data leaders use to monitor data products from conception to completion and create business value.

Delighting humans

on their data venture

We’ve accompanied data legends in startups and multi-national corporations on their mission to realize their true data potential. We’ve shared our data wisdom with those who truly care since 2019. The world is becoming a better place thanks to these amazing humans…

Transformation and steering of the data product organization along the Mindfuel Framework with the help of Mindfuel Software for a #1 market leading kitchen device.

Breakthrough data product to define diseases based on respiratory data. From PoC to data product MVP within 3 months.

Enable data-driven decision making in amateur football with the help of the Mindfuel Framework.

Bringing data product management to a next level for climate, data and cyber risks in the insurance industry.

Development and prioritization data product ideas for a specific industry.

Setup of a global data strategy for next generation athlete development.

Global assessment and strategy creation for up to 20 data products along the topics of omnichannel-marketing, internet of things and digitization.

Providing data product management expertise to the global data unit along the Minduel Framework.

Leveraging Data Product Management in Brand Performance & Customer Experience.

Mindfuel is Your

Data Venture Companion

Curiosity and learning is in the heart of everything we do. Expertise is the chief item of value for us.

We believe in the power of data products, which delight millions of people in their everyday lives.

Data is a team sport and our customers are our companions in delighting the world - always better together.

You're a data leader on a mission to get the most out of your company's data.

Mindfuel is a team of wisdom-seeking humans - data lovers, data experts and dreamers who strive to push the boundaries. We're here for you. Always on eye level.

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on your data venture?

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