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About Mindfuel

Our Culture
Value-driven and people first

What’s it like at Mindfuel?

Our remote way of working allows us to find talented and inspiring team members from all over the world. But the roots of the Mindfuel family tree are deeply set in Munich and Zurich.

Our founders Nadiem and Max

Our two co-founders Max & Nadiem live in these two cities. You can guess who lives where :-) The Mindfuel office in the heart of Munich (Schwabing) can be used by any team member in the nearby areas anytime they want.

Dedicated to the core. We work hard and have fun.

But no matter where our team members are based in the world, we come together 3 times a year for face-to-face connection. This ensures our team works cohesively - Plus, we’re a friendly bunch that loves to celebrate!

We also encourage virtual connection through weekly informal meetings. Our most popular format is the Virtual Closing of the Week on Fridays.

It's more than a team. We are a family of passionate digital pioneers, explorers and datapreneurs.

Mindfuel is a young-spirited brand where expertise is the chief item of value. We like to talk (a lot!). We inspire each other with nerdy ideas. And we keep motivated in our vision by pulling together in the same direction.