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About Mindfuel

Our Values
The core of everything we do

On a hot summer day slurping smoothies through a straw we sat down on the grass and identified eight values which guide everything we do and drive every interaction we have with all human beings, not just our clients and employees.

Due to the fast-paced environment we live in, we might change our business strategies and tactics over time, but these core values will always be our moral compass.

Always explore and pioneer

We are curious by nature and we constantly look for ways to improve and gain new knowledge.

Always be the rainbow in somebody else’s life

We are super keen on good vibes and appreciation! Lifting spirits and offering each other kindness and positive feedback is the least we can do.

Always seek to first understand before being understood

We are sincere problem-solvers. Listening intently to fully understand a problem is key to attacking the problem at its core.

Always truly care

We care about our projects, but we also care about everything else that matters in life. We create room for this every week in a dedicated session: topics range from the environment and office plants, to refugee Christmas dinners and data-driven beer classifications.

Always play fair at eye level

Whomever you talk to, always be fair and respectful to everybody. In a world where you can be anything - and even be a kick-ass Datapreneur - at least be kind!

Always better together

We believe in teamwork and in the power of being more Mindfuel by appreciating various perspectives. Nothing better than a stoked atmosphere after a successful team effort.

Always deliver the cherry on top

Yes, we are ambitious. We have set ourselves ambitious targets and we always thrive to accelerate the business - this means leaving the comfort zone as part of the status quo and is always worth it.

Always leave things better than found

We are not alone on this planet and there are many threats to our beloved world out there. We try to be as conscious as possible in our daily habits and really make a positive impact - day by day and step by step.

Mindfuel is always better together. Join us on our mission to new data ventures