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Unleash your potential and become a team member.

Yes you can start working at a purpose-driven company, where data magic is happening.
Yes you can start designing a better future through meaningful data products.

We celebrate purposeful work. We embrace empathy. We foster creativity and innovative thinking.
Most importantly, we are passionate about people. Our employees define us and who we are as a company.

For us, your personal development is at least as important as our business success. That’s why we offer not only a super-flexible working environment and fair compensation, but also a wide range of additional benefits that are worth taking a closer look at.


The days are gone when you had to crush it at office in front of your screen and had to check in and check out with a time registration system. We trust our employees to the fullest and the only thing we care about is the outcome. That’s why flexibility is a huge benefit when working at Mindfuel.

Work from the Munich office? Sure. Work from home? Go ahead. Workation mode on? Yeap, we are with you. Need a vacation? Make use of our “take what you need” holiday policy. Apply our “never work on your birthday again” rule!

Full-time seems too much? Part-time too little? We will find the module which suits your life phase.

We are quite flexible to accommodate the work plan which suits you best.

Learning & Development

We are curious at Mindfuel. We are Learners. We want to dig in and get lost for a while. Our Minds want to roam. You want to find out more about yourself? We have a kick-ass coach for that.

You want to improve your communication skills? We’ve got someone special on the hook who can help you out. You want to see exciting congresses and events? Consider the tickets booked. You are out of shape after COVID? We have such a great personal coach just ready to drill you through some sweaty exercises.

We are constantly improving our partnerships with premium coaches and advisors.
You do not want to miss out on this one.


Working long hours and not being appreciated? That’s not happening at Mindfuel. You are getting a competitive salary at Mindfuel, which is inline with industry standards.

Yes, performance matters here. We want to deliver the cherry on top. But at the same time we value you as the expert and provide you the renumeration you deserve.

On top, with our virtual stock option program (VSOP), Mindfuel employees have the chance to financially profit from the company's success.

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