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About Mindfuel

Mindfuel is engaging in

Movember. Why?

To us, the Movember movement is not only about men’s health. It is about everybody’s mental health.

Always truly care

Always truly care is one of our core values and matches the spirit of the charity of Movember quite well.

The last quarter of the year from October - December has proven to be the most stressful period at Mindfuel, as a lot of heavy back lifting happens during this period. We need to finish various projects at the same time and balance our company related tasks while putting a smile on.

This is not easy

In fact, it can affect your mental health. That’s why your mental health is the main focus of our brand campaign this year and we value Movember as a great vehicle of motivating EVERYBODY to stay healthy.
Join our group and donate for the good cause 👇👇👇

Join our Mindfuel Movember Group

2020 - How it started at Mindfuel

2021 - We are growing

2022 - Movember still growing strong


If you want to participate, make sure you use this guide to learn the “unofficial” Movember rules everyone should follow.

Rule No.1: Always be the rainbow 🌈 in somebody else’s Moustache 😅

Some guys don't feel comfortable with growing a moustache for personal or professional reasons and that is okay. Remember it is all about our team.

Movember is a movement, not something you’re doing alone.

Don’t represent your fellow man in a negative way. Be kind, be Mindfuel, be courteous and act like the true gentleman you really are.

To all the Mo Sista’s who can’t grow: Be supportive for the new look of your male colleagues / partner / friends - give them a high five 🙏 or fist bump 🤜 🤛 when you see them, even if you think it looks 😩

Rule No.2: Always explore and pioneer: Grow a real Moustache 🖖

Grow a real moustache. A real Mo is not:

  • a Goatie

  • doesn’t pass your lower lip and

  • doesn’t connect to your sideburns.

All of those examples are just some mutant form of facial hair that just looks ridiculous anyway. Don’t do it.😜

Instead, choose a style from our Style Guide 🤩

Rule No.3: Always truly care about your ‘Stache - Shave or trim to the bare minimum regularly 🪒

A real moustache needs a clean shave on Shadoween (October 31st), 👻  and should last until Movember 35th (December 5th).

No cheating. A clean shave every third day. Or a trim to the bare minimum every other day.

Rule No.4: Always better together 💚

We see strength in numbers. That being said, we want to invite every MO Bro and every MO Sista to participate in our group in order to create an impact for mental health with donations for the Movember foundation.

Minimum engagement fee for active growers: 20 EUR

and every passive supporter is 10 EUR ✌️

At least. Feel free to donate more 😎

Rule No.5: Always leave things better than found - Stay sober and eat clean

Obviously, drinking alcohol is a no-go in Movember.

Every time you have a cheat day and have a Glühwein or a beer you gotta donate: 5 EUR per sin, my friends 🤙. It’s per cheat day, otherwise you would be poor 😜

That’s how we ensure to get in the TOP 10 for our team this year thanks to all you sinners 😅

On top, but this is optional, you can choose to get rid of any bad habit you have in terms of nutrition. EX: no candies, no dairy products, no meat, no fish, no carbs. etc.

Rule No.6: Always deliver the cherry on top - Move your body 😎

Ok here is the deal: Movember is a grey month with lots of work. You should check our sports recommendation here:

But the minimum level of engagement is walking / running 60km in this month or do an equivalent from our sports program. You choose 🤜 🤛

Join the Mindfuel Sports Club!