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Your Data Venture

Feeling lost or frustrated by a lack of traction around data potential in your business? The data experts at Mindfuel are your map and compass on your journey to unlocking your competitive advantage and mastering measurable data creation at scale.

Navigating the data seas without guidance is risky. So don’t miss out on your opportunity to work with our data product experts and achieve your goals.

The Journey

Journey 1: From Data Strategy to Data Execution

Need guidance creating a data strategy that makes data product management easy?

From Data Strategy to Data Execution

You must be on this page because you need a data strategy in your organization, right?
But let us guess - you need help creating a clear plan?
Everyone started where you are now. So keep calm and believe in data.

You know how important it is to build a solid data strategy before executing any processes. But this doesn’t mean you should be creating 100-slide presentations that have everyone in the room fighting the urge to drift off… falling deeper… yawn… No way!

Your minimum viable data strategy should be sharp and focus only on what matters at the beginning. But it should also consider topics of importance that will come later in your data venture. Our unique DPM Framework gives you the foundations you need to build your strong data strategy that sets your organization up for success. So you’ll have a data strategy that you can execute now knowing it will stand the test of time. In other words, after implementing your strategy using our DPM Framework, you’ll be prepared for building up data capabilities at scale. And you’ll be ready to implement them into your existing structures.

Skipping this step will result in you traveling a difficult path in your data venture. So don't risk failure because you missed out on taking the right path…

Make your life easier by building a strong data strategy foundation with our DPM Framework that makes your growth as a data-driven organization painless.

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Journey 2: From Data Projects to Data Products

Use the product mindset to increase the value of your data projects

From Data Projects to Data Products

So, you’ve created a solid data strategy, developed your first data use cases, and built up your platforms. Your data projects are running like a well-oiled machine. But there comes a time (it’s now) that you must experience a shift from a data project mindset to a data product mindset. Without this shift, you’ll be unable to unlock the true potential of data in your organization.

To move on to the next chapter of your data venture, you need to focus deeper on Data Product Management (DPM). This means you have to

  • break up your existing structures

  • identify gaps

  • add additional concepts

Sound tricky? Don't worry, we’ll get you there together.

It’s crucial you understand that the work you’ve done to create a successful minimum viable product (MVP) is just the start. To prove the value of data in your organization and get recognition for your work you need to establish a data product lifecycle. Our DPM Software helps you keep track of your ideas and measure their value.

Our DPM Studio offers the support and guidance you need to turn your data cases into real data products with real value to the organization.

Experience the product mindset

Journey 3: From Data Hub to Data Scale

Master the art of data scaling to go from good to great

From Data Hub to Data Scale

It’s always the same - there’s more demand for data products than your data team can handle. Are we right?

And no matter how you prioritize, it’s never enough. That’s a sign that it’s time to learn about the art of data scaling. We’ll help you master this crucial skill.

Let’s summarize your data venture so far:

  • You’ve created effective data products with proven value

  • You’ve produced lifecycle management that works

  • You’ve built a data hub that’s ticking like clockwork

  • But, the business impact is not enough? Or there’s even more demand coming in?

The Mindfuel Framework lights the way to successfully managing these challenges. Your data strategy is further extended by scaled agile heartbeats and cycle planning for data teams. And we’ll help you refine your execution engine for scaling.

Our DPM software facilitates the handling of multiple value areas. Our DPM Studio guides you along the way in scaling up.

Help master the art of scaling

Journey 4: From Data Scale to Data Mesh

Become a true data-driven organization to maximize your growth

From Data Scale to Data Mesh

You’re doing great with data but the rest of your organization can’t seem to keep up, huh? With data mesh, you’ll become a true data-driven organization. You’re already operating great data hubs or even a hub of hubs. But you want your organization to fully leverage the power of data, right? So let’s transform your company into a data mesh organization.

Along your data venture, you and your teams have become true data experts. But the organization processes hinder you from unlocking your data’s full potential. Sound familiar? Well, there’s something you can do about it…

Our DPM framework guides you through the steps of

  • Decentralization

  • data ownership in the business

  • and federated governance to build data as products

Whether you’re building global data platforms or domain-specific data lakes, our humans in the DPM Studio enable you to reach your goals more easily whilst our DPM Software keeps track of your data products for you.

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